Monday, April 8, 2013

A Random Monday in April

1.  One of my friends, who does not homeschool, but who does read my blog because she is an awesome and wonderful friend like that, recently told me that she misses my posts when I showed photos of what we were doing and wrote about our weekend or just what we did during the week.  I think Instagram kinda sorta changed all that.  But, I decided to write this post for her.
I realized when writing this that I almost never use my camera anymore.  Boo me!

2.  Jason had surgery back in November.  We got all the bills and paid them all by the end of January.  Then, last week, we got another bill in the mail.  Supposedly from the Assistant Surgeon.  But, after investigating, this surgeon was actually an Ob/Gyn--so why would they assist with my husband's surgery?  Turns out, they didn't.  But our insurance paid them -- what a waste of money!  I am sure they will get their money back--but don't they look into these things before they pay them??

3.  This weekend we planted our garden.  We don't get a lot of sun, in part because of our neighbor's tree and in part because of trees in our yard that I would love to take down, but Jason won't hear of it.  So we can only plants greens and radishes.  And anything else that doesn't require full sun--know of anything like that?

4.  The girls slept over a friend's house Saturday night.  They are so unsocialized it's really a shame.   They never get out and they don't have any friends.  Poor kids.
kids and devices

5.  Rather than going out for dinner, like we usually do when we are kid-free, on Saturday night we finished up watching House of Cards and had sushi delivered.  Because we were lazy after an afternoon in the garden.

6.  I have been exploring different math programs for Allie.  I know, I mentioned that before.  But it's how I spend so much time that it seems like I should mention it again.  Jason and I had a very romantic Sunday morning alone of me showing him demos from all the programs I am considering.
jelly beans

7.  We have come up with a sort of tentative plan of what we think will happen with the girls for high school:  They will continue to home school and at some point, they will take the entrance exam for community college and take a class at community college.  If they do well, they may take two classes the next semester and eventually just transition over to community college, get an associate's degree, transfer to a four year school and get their bachelor's degree.  I am sure it won't be quite that seamless, but we will work it out.  This takes the pressure off of needing the high school diploma and my focus on the SAT.  Many homeschoolers in our homeschool community have done this and never taken the SAT and done just fine in community college and at a four year school.
my adorable niece

8.  On Sunday Jason helped the homeschool neighbor dad with a project at his house and then he insisted on taking us out to dinner.  It was really fun.  We are lucky to have great friends.

9.  I have been doing yoga and/or walking every day.  If you want to check out some great yoga videos on line, check my Yoga tab at the top of the blog.

10.  One of Allie's bff's got gerbils, too and they are talking about breeding them.  We have to wait a few weeks for all the gerbils to be old enough.  Our whole family keeps joking around about being great aunts and grandmas and great-grandparents---to gerbils, of course!  If you are local and you want gerbil babies, let me know!!

Jason made my Grandpa's babka for Easter last weekend.
Family traditions are where it is at!