Monday, May 20, 2013

Life Lately

In the early days of our homeschooling journey, I clung to the homeschool blog world to make sure I was doing this right, to get ideas and inspiration and courage from others on this journey.  Sure, we looked for local friends and we hung out with them and shared stories and ideas.  But I needed that "down and dirty" stuff that is only shared through uninterrupted written words and photographs; I needed to see the closets, not just hear about them; I needed to see the bad days and the activities, not just hear the stories interrupted by children asking for permission to do something;  I needed to see the actual workbooks and have someone go over them in detail, not just hand me one to review on my own.

Now that we have been doing this for three years, my interests and my needs have changed.  I've found my "sea legs", my confidence.  I've learned that we all homeschool differently.  I've grown in confidence that the way we do things is best for my girls.  I still find inspiration from homeschool blogs, but I don't cling to them as I once did.  Now I just like to see what my friends are up to, what their kids are doing.

I used to make time to read blogs every day.  I have not had time for that lately and I apologize, I catch up when I can.  Lately we have been so busy, just doing our thing.

There have been babies to welcome into the world.

Friends to explore with.

Sleepovers to giggle at.

Cuddling with my girls on the couch, watching a cheesy, sappy show, but the time together is priceless.

Pottery to make and paint.

Art classes to take.

Choir rehearsals and concerts to attend.

Gardens to plant.

Meals to prepare.

Games to play.

Books to read.

Vacations to plan.

Kitchens to remodel.

News to obsess over and pray about.

Girls who want to nurture lives.

Yoga to keep me centered and balanced and breathing deeply.

Friends to talk with for hours.

Classes to plan for co-op.

A Geography Fair to co-ordinate for our co-op.

Library programs to develop.

I've been asked to write a few parenting articles for some different websites.

Life has been wonderful and busy and rich and fulfilling.