Friday, May 17, 2013

Week of May 11, 2013

Outside Classes

Allie's art work was selected to be used in publications about the program she is attending.
All of the girls art and music classes ended this week.  There was a stunning art show at Allie's art school and some of her work was selected and used in mailings for the program.

On Sunday, Mother's Day, we had the pleasure of hearing Piper sing with the Children's Choir and then were invited to wonderful dinner at a friend's house.  Our girls are in choir together and we spent every Wednesday walking and talking (or sitting and sipping coffee when it was bitterly cold).  I felt funny crashing their family party, but everyone was so nice and welcoming.  It was a great day!
Piper enjoys being part of the choir

Different Kids, Different Styles

My girls are both so different.  Piper is the kind of kid who did great in school, school came easy for her and, for the most part, she loved it.  Allie, on the other hand, was not cut out for school, it did not suit her learning style or creative personality.  Now that we are venturing into more interest-led unschooling, these differences are becoming apparent again.  Allie is so suited to interest-led learning, she spends her time reading, designing homes, creating products and marketing campaigns for them, baking, cooking, sewing, researching animals, making things for her gerbils and taking care of her gerbils.  Piper, on the other hand, would play Minecraft or Webkinz from the time she woke up until the time she went to sleep if allowed.  

This week we put some serious limitations on "screen" time, which Piper finds extremely unfair.  Now, when she sees me on the computer, she raises her eyebrows, clears her throat and asks how much time I have spent on the computer.  It's kind of cute and really annoying.  
We spent time this week exploring a creek with friends

Things We Did This Week

  • watched "Secret Yosemite" on Netflix
  • read about the stock market in A Kids' Guide to Investing in the Stock Market
  • painted pottery
  • Allie created several natural, organic products for women and wrote up advertising and marketing campaigns for them
  • Piper researched pet mice and wrote a paper on pet mouse care and why she wants a pet mouse
  • played Division War
  • played Q-bitz
  • played Go Fish
  • explored a creek and park with friends
  • researched Tibet (Allie) and Egypt (Piper) for the Geography Fair at co-op
  • Allie researched the Free Tibet movement after learning about it while working on her poster
  • Allie read 4 chapters of The Hobbit for a class at co-op
  • Allie spent time designing homes on Home Design 3D
  • Piper did some administrative tasks for 7 Cool Homeschoolers
  • Khan Academy for computer programming
  • Watched CNN Student News
  • Piper has been talking about getting a guinea pig, but they live 6-8 years, so we compromised on a mouse first.
    Allie had researched gerbils extensively before getting Lenox and Onyx, so we asked Piper to do the same.
    When we got to the pet store, however, the mouse she was eyeing for the last 2 months was gone...and we all fell in love with this VERY spazzy little Robo Hamster she named Gizmo :)

    Last week we battled and stomach bug and we needed something to get us out of the rut, so I took the girls to the bookstore and offered to buy ANYTHING they were interested in (within reason, of course).
    Card games pretty much ruled this week.
    There was an art show at the college where Allie takes classes.