Monday, May 6, 2013

Random Monday

1.  My friend, whom I have known since as young as I can remember, posted this on facebook yesterday.  I commented: "That is my childhood, right there.  Mass at Mary Mother of God, then the Flea Market."  It got a lot of likes and strolls down memory lane, remembering the flea market, parking in the field on the right side of the road, crossing the road, walking down the hill...the different vendors, the building with the pot belly often, I think that when people hear I live in New Jersey they think of refineries and big highways, but this is where I grew up.  It was pretty awesome.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!
Neshanic Bridge

2.  We had big plans this weekend.  We were going to help build the world's largest sand castle to help with Hurricane Sandy Relief and then we were going to see my little brother's new house at the beach.  I was so excited.  Then poor Piper got the stomach bug.  That's life.

3.  I have a bad habit of propping my laptop on my counter to look at the recipe when I am cooking.  This weekend a very small amount of water got on my laptop's keyboard and ... the T and 5 no longer work.  It's had time to's toast.  Now the dilemma of taking it in (Jason's idea) or just using a wireless keyboard (cheapskate Theresa's idea).

4.  Jason hurt his knee doing yoga yesterday.  Now I am concerned.

5.  Today is my first day of new hours at the library.  WOOT!  WOOT!  I get an hour more in the morning!  I have decided to use that hour to exercise...let's hope I stick to it and don't spend the time writing blog posts... :-P

6.  I suck at time management.  I need to get better at it.  That is my new goal.

7.  When I hear Marge Simpson's voice I always think of Brenda on Rhoda.

8.  I loved Rhoda and I so totally admire Valerie Harper.  She is amazing.

9.  I have been really angry lately.  It's irrational anger.  I've been trying to diet.  That doesn't work for me.  It always makes me angry.  The hubinator and I had a long chat on Cinco de Mayo over margaritas and mutually came to the conclusion that I need to stop dieting.  I am so glad we had that chat.  Or maybe I had that chat and he listened.  You catch my drift ;-)

10.  My deck + Jimmy Buffet + alcohol = summer