Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ten Things That Make My Day

I have been really enjoying reading these lists, so I decided to join in the fun!

The Top Ten Things That Make My Day are:

1.  Being intentional with my time - It is SO easy for me to get lost in "the bliss of the computer" as someone I know called it.  I can just go from site to site to site and check facebook and Twitter and blogs and blah,blah, blah all day long and let laundry pile up and my kids scrounge for food and my house go un-cleaned.  But I don't feel good when I do that.  I need to be intentional with my time.  For me, that often means making a list of everything that I want to accomplish and checking things off--something about those checks makes me happy, too!

2.  Yoga - The Big 4-0 has not been kind, people.  I am eating the same as ever, but gaining weight like never before.  I have an eating disorder, so this is all pretty concerning for me.  I am not supposed to diet, but a few weeks ago I did...and it was just a really bad downward spiral.  Anyway, after a loooong talk with my awesome husband, I got back on track and after weeks of trying to do more intense exercise, I realized why I LOVE Yoga.  It works my core and it helps me feel grounded, at peace, happy, centered, good about myself...unlike some other forms of exercise.

3.  A Big Bowl of Air-popped Corn and a Good Book - Yes, I have an eating disorder, my only two safe snacks are air-popped corn and grapefruit.  I love popping a bowl of corn and getting into bed with a good book.  It's my absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world to do!  Fortunately, I get to do it a couple times a week thanks to my hard-working hubby!

4.  Breathing - I know that may sound silly, but when I get upset or stressed, I just take a few deep breaths through my nose and think how awesome it is that I can do that, that I can breathe and that calms me down.  Also, just the feeling of deep breathing makes me feel good.

5.  Hanging on the Deck with my Husband - Several nights a week and most weekends, my husband and I just hang out on the deck together.  Sometimes we read.  Sometimes we talk.  Sometimes we listen to music.  Sometimes friends join us.  Sometimes we grill stuff.  Sometimes we drink beer or tropical drinks or vodka and cranberry juice or gin and tonics.  Sometimes we drink green smoothies.  But it is ALWAYS a time of relaxation, rejuvenation and bonding.  We don't really do regular date nights, but hanging out on the deck is a lot like a date--we usually send the kids away and focus on each other.

6.  Talking with my Girls - When ever I see someone with a baby, I always tell them it just gets better and better.  I remember when my girls were babies, I kept thinking, "It can't get better than this!"  And while I would love to go back to their baby days sometimes, I also really like the young ladies they are becoming.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to just sit and chat with them.  Individually works better, otherwise they start bickering--sigh!  Almost every night, when I go to say good night to them, we sit and chat for a while, about the world, life, they ask me questions, we talk about their dreams, what they think of things, the world, what is going on in the world, my dreams for them....

7.  Watching TV with my Girls - I am really not a TV person, but my girls have gotten me into a few shows and it is our "thing".  Jason - crazy man - prefers to get up at 4am (he could get up at 6, but he likes to be up SUPER early) to do yoga, read, play guitar when the house is quiet and the kids and I are not bothering him (he likes to focus on US after work).  So, this means he is sound asleep at about 8 or 9pm and the girls and I watch our shows Switched at Birth or Life Unexpected.  They are honestly pretty mindless, but by that time of night, that is about all I can handle and sharing them gives the girls and I a point of referencer for other discussions.

8.  Silence - There was a time in my life when I ALWAYS had music on.  Then I had kids.  Now, when I can have silence, I breathe in and expand in that silence.

9.  My friends - I have been blessed with several friends, some of whom are lifelong, one of whom is my mom, some of whom I just recently met through homeschooling, with whom I can share my heart.  We can talk about our lives , our concerns and anxieties and troubles and we can wrap warm arms around each other and just be there for one another.  So, so important to me.

10.  Blogs - We said "YES" to everything for a while in late winter-early spring this year and it really took its toll on me in many ways.  I need down time.  I need free time.  I need time to not be looking at the clock.  I need to not feel rushed.  And, once I found time to read blogs again, I realized that I need TIME TO READ BLOGS.  You all help keep me centered and focused and your provide great inspiration and I need that.  I am thankful for all of your wisdom and advice and support.  My favorite blogs are ones where people just share their lives, what they are doing, just regular people living lives, sharing what they learn, what inspires them.  Love it.  Need it.