Friday, May 10, 2013

Week of May 5

Keepin' it Real

Although this week had it's high points--like lots of time spent was not among our best weeks.
Between sick days and rainy days, we did a lot of reading.....I loved every minute of it!

Piper got a stomach virus on Sunday and that kinda sorta set the tone for our week :(  We had plans that day to help build the world's largest sand castle and then to go see my brother's new house, but of course, we couldn't do either.  By Monday Piper was feeling better and was bored.  The girls spent a lot of time reading and playing doll house.  Allie spent a lot of time lamenting about whether or not she should breed her gerbils--there are, of course, risks involved and she is concerned about that, so she spent a lot of time researching gerbil breeding on the internet this week.  We did some art journaling and made some pottery.  The girls filmed their videos for 7 Cool Homeschoolers for next week.  Allie made dinner twice (franks and beans for her and Jason one night; spinach -ricotta stuffed shells for the family another night).  We all watched a lot of "Switched at Birth"--the show has lost any educational value, but we are obsessed.
Allie loves this Home Design 3D app...she's been designing and decorating houses for weeks now!

Allie spent some time designing an Epic Gerbil House,
she has the 10 gallon tank and the 15 gallon tank and the extension, she just needs the tubes which are about $20...but she is researching if all of this space is good for gerbils, or if it will make them stressed and confused.

Unstructured Time = Arguing

I am remembering that when my girls have too much unstructured time, they fight.  They can play together for a while, but then they fight.  They can each do their own thing for a while, but then they fight.  They both admitted that they don't know what to do and then everything their sister does irritates them.

It seems that when we were sitting down together in the mornings and getting some things on my agenda done, there was less time for the arguing.  I really want them to learn how to make the most of their own time and pursue what they are interested in.  I want them to learn to find something to do, rather than just pick a fight. 

Making Lists

We spent some time making lists of worthwhile things the girls can do when they are "bored"--like baking, art journaling, pottery, reading, writing, making stop motion videos, Home Design 3D, riding bikes, jumping on our little trampoline, etc.

We also made lists of things we want to do this spring, like take a pottery class every week at the beach and get a beach club membership :)
We want to take a pottery class at the beach this summer...just waiting for our other activities to be over.
This week, in preparation we made some pottery with some clay we bought. 

Negative Energy

I've been feeling really down and negative lately.  I spent a lot of time taking stock of why and thinking of ways to counteract the feelings: yoga, journaling, focusing on me and what I want or need, taking care of myself.
I have been obsessed with the story out of Cleveland about the three girls that were held captive for ten years.
So, so sad.  Such an amazing escape.