Monday, May 13, 2013

Children's Choir

Piper was born singing.  
She loves to sing.
She walks around singing.  No joke.  
She will sing instead of talking.
She makes up songs.
She can memorize a song after hearing it once.

She joined our church choir the year she was old enough and sang with them for several years.  

A good friend of mine told me about the Children's Choir and last year, Piper auditioned.  I was not at all prepared for how big of a deal the audition would be.  There were several pages of music theory questions in addition to a solo audition and a group audition.  I sat in the waiting room literally biting my nails.  I had no idea about the music theory part and Piper is a three time piano lesson drop out who has no interest in learning an instrument.  I felt like we were way out of our league.

But Piper got accepted.  

Every week we would brave the traffic at the worst possible time of day to drive her to choir. 

Well before this concert, Jason commented to me how worth it he felt this program was.  Piper learned to read music and understand music theory.  She gained confidence.  She matured in ways we can only attribute to choir and her voice control is noticeably improved.

This Sunday, Mother's Day, was their Spring concert.  
It was fabulous.
It was better than we expected.
It was actually a lot more professional than I was expecting.


The joy of doing something you love

team work

"Ole" at the end of Don Gato

various musicians were onstage at different points in the show

the amazing team of professors and post-grad students that work with the children each week
Piper has auditioned for the next level of choir for next year and was accepted!