Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ten Things You Will Always Find in My Fridge

1.  Fruit & Vegetables - I have a drawer full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

2.  Organic Spring Mix or Artisan Lettuce - I eat salad almost every day for lunch and there is always a huge Costco tub of lettuce in my fridge!

3.  Spa Water - I have been trying to drink more water.  I keep a big pitcher in the fridge with lemons and limes and cucumbers in it to keep me inspired to drink it!  It works!

4.  Cheese - I love cheese.  Cheese is my weakness.  Cheese makes me weak in the knees.  You will usually find several varieties of cheese in my fridge, ALWAYS, always a block of Parmesan, usually goat and feta and Monterey Jack and quite often some other cheese that whispered my name as I walked by it at the grocery store.

5.  Milk - My friends say my fridge looks like a dairy case.  I buy organic 1% milk at Costco for the girls, Skim milk for me and Half n Half for Jason's coffee.

6. Organic, free range eggs - My youngest daughter and I don't eat meat, so we get protein from other sources, like eggs.  Quite often there is a bowl of hard boiled eggs in there, great quick little snack especially around 3pm when you feel sluggish--protein works better than caffeine or energy drinks!

7. Nuts - Since Piper and I don't eat meat nuts are another source of protein for us.  I buy almonds and hazelnuts, pecans and pistachios in bulk.  We keep them in the fridge because it's the oils in nuts can go rancid quickly.

8.  Acidophilus - We usually have yogurt, but if I have not been to the store in a while we may not...even so, when we get bellyaches, we always reach for the Acidophilus.

9.  Whole Grain Bread - I keep bread in the fridge because it seems to get moldy fast if I don't.  My mom always kept bread in the freezer, but sometimes it gets freezer-burned, so we keep it in the fridge.

10.  The weirdest thing in my fridge is lipstick!Yes, you read that right, I have lipstick in my fridge.  It is the lipstick I wore on my wedding day almost 17 years ago, it has survived 5 moves in two states and it is in my fridge. Yes, I can still buy the color but for some odd reason that tube is really special to me.  I don't know if it really makes a difference or not, but I feel keeping it in the fridge helps preserve it.