Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Random Good Things - July Edition

1.  Every time I think I am more into Instagram than blogging and maybe I will give the blog up...something happens, like I get an email from someone trying to get up the courage to homeschool or Math-U-See links to one of my posts and I get 1000 hits in an hour!

2.  Since getting rid of Disqus, I am getting TONS of comments on my blog.  I am so sorry that Disqus was such a drawback for so many.  I am so glad I got rid of it!!

3.  I think I have caught the running bug.  I woke up late this morning and I had somewhere to go, so I didn't get my run in. I am counting down the hours until I get out of work and can go for a run!

4.  Not since breastfeeding have I seen such a huge change in my body as I have with running!  Seriously, peeps, my clothes are baggy in all the places I wanted to lose.

5.  I went to see Springsteen & I last night.  I am still processing it.  It was a packed house.  I was relieved as I left the theater that I was not the only one crying.

6. The art classes at the art school I want the girls to take classes at are offered at the MOST perfect times for us--I love when our schedule easily falls into place!

7.  Today the girls and I were reading about the Women's Suffrage Movement.  I told them I wanted one of them to write a paper on Women's Suffrage and one to write a paper on Woodrow Wilson.  Allie chose to do a paper on each.

8.  My husband won an award at work.

9.  We've been swimming in our neighbor's pool almost daily.  We are so lucky to have great neighbors!

10.  Last week was super hot here in the Northeast.  We got some rain over the weekend and it's now much, much milder and nicer with a nice little breeze and a lot less humidity.