Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weeks of 7/8 & 7/15

Bloggy Housekeeping

Domain Change

If you saw the post about changing the domain for Red Oak was a false alarm.  I get a lot of traffic from links and pins and I thought that by hiring someone all that could be changed, but it takes more work than I originally thought.  I do own my name as a domain and I am still considering changing, but I would have to use Red Oak Road as a re-direct when/if I do.  More than likely I would switch to Wordpress when I do it...but right now I don't have the time, inclination, motivation or money to make that switch.  My life has gotten busier and now with Instagram...I am just not sure how invested I am in blogging.  BUT...I have been having issues with Blogger AGAIN and if they keep up, I will have to either switch to Wordpress or throw my computer out the window or stop blogging.


I have a gotten several emails from people who have said they can't comment using Disqus.  While I really enjoy emailing back and forth with them, it has come to my attention that when I respond to a comment people are not getting an email of my response.  The reason I was using Disqus was so that readers would know I appreciated their comment and took the time to respond, but if that is NOT happening, I am going to take Disqus off.  Right now, I am having issues with Disqus syncing with Blogger (another reason why Blogger makes me nuts)...I may just have to forgot those 300+ comments...

What We Have Been Up To...

We are reading Story of the World Volume 4 this summer.  Since that is my main focus as far as school, I am taking a lot of time to find outside resources.  (L-R)We learned about Geronimo and Crazy Horse and the girls each researched one of them, wrote a paper and did an artistic tribute to them.  Piper made this Pop Art of Geronimo that blew me away!  (2)We watched The Last Emperor and read about Puyi, the last emperor of China. (3) We are making pull-out timelines for our history binders.  We use  Book of Centuries, but with the events in Story of the World being so recent, I wanted the girls to be able to SEE when things happened and how they were interrelated.  (4)  Jason and I have talked about and wanted to watch Gandhi for 20 years and now that we are learning about him in history, we have FINALLY made that happen!

Left-Right:  We reunited with old friends last weekend.  (2) We escaped this heat-wave that has gripped the East Coast this week by going to the beach Wednesday evening for the summer concert.  (3)  The girls are doing TONS of art journaling!  (4)  The girls are also making 7 Cool Homeschoolers videos.  (5)  I started running.  I've never thought of myself as a runner, but after turning 40 things are not what they used to be and I needed to step up my workout.  I've been running for two weeks and the improvement over how long I can run for and how I feel while running is awesome!  This morning I woke up and I couldn't wait to run...and while I was walking and catching my breath, I really felt like I wanted to run!

The girls have been in Theater Camp the last two weeks.  Friday was their big performance, the culmination of two weeks of work.  They performed Beauty and the Beast.  A lot of their friends did the camp with them this year, so that made it extra fun!