Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ten Things About Me You Should Know

1.  I have two girls, ages 11 & 13.  They are creative and they both to love read.  My youngest came up with the idea of having a youtube channel for homeschoolers, she does all of the planning and administrative work for the channel.  You can check that out here: 7 Cool Homeschoolers.

2. My husband and kids are my life.  All I ever wanted to be was a mom and a wife!

3.  We are relaxed, interest-led eclectic homeschoolers.  We use a variety of methods depending on what we are learning.  As my girls are getting older and more independent and I see them pursuing their own interests, I am more and more interested in letting them lead and take responsibility for their learning/education.

4.  I am a librarian.  I was a teacher before I had kids.  I dream of opening a day care/learning center when my stint as a homeschool mom is over.

5.  I am a complete homebody and I love books.  I thought the hurricane that left us without power for 8 days was fun because I didn't have to leave my house and there was no computers and internet and other things to distract me from reading!

6. I live a half hour from Manhattan on the Jersey side.  I love Bruce and the beach.  Around here, James Gandolfini's death a few weeks ago was like losing a family member, one of our own.  I love where I live and the sense of community and family.

7.  I love yoga.  I try to practice every day.  I feel so much better when I do.

8.  I don't eat meat.

9.  I pride myself on being very open minded and trying to see all points of view on something and doing MY OWN research before deciding how I feel about any given issue.  I am an issue girl when it comes to politics.  I no longer identify with either party.

10.  I am a deeply spiritual person, I found my faith grow most when I embraced all religions and all faiths: Protestant, Catholic, Buddhism, Muslim, Hindu....we all worship the same God and I think there is something to learn from all of it.

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