Monday, August 19, 2013

Allie & Piper 2013 ~ 2014 School Year

Allie is entering 8th grade.
She loves fashion, jewelry, shoes and most especially handbags.
She has two gerbils and three fish.
She spent weeks and weeks researching small pets and wrote an ebook on small pet selection for kids.
She is a very responsible small pet owner.
She volunteers at a local animal shelter and is pursuing training to be a foster for small animals.
She loves to read.
She loves to sew.
She loves to lock herself in her art studio and get all messy and painty and inky.
She loves to bake.
She wants to write a children's book.

She has a thing for piercings.  She keeps begging me to let her pierce her nose.  I'm not sure when, but not yet.

I just allowed her to put a second hole in each ear.  By herself.  Because my mother told her how I pierced my own ears multiple times in 8th grade.  and the cartilage, which hurt like hell.  I got in a lot of trouble for all of the above.

Piper is entering sixth grade.
She is obsessed with FaceTime-ing her friends and playing MineCraft.
She loves to write plays.
She likes to make videos and edit them.
She started a youtube channel for homeschoolers,  7 Cool Homeschoolers and she handles all of the administrative and organizational tasks for this on her own.
She is always doing gymnastics.
She has two hamsters, which she selected and takes care of with her sister's help.
She has a dog walking job.
She still loves American Girl dolls.
She enjoys photography.
She has a ton of friends.
She is very funny and sassy.
Sassy is her favorite word.
She hates math.
She loves history.
She goes through phases with reading, if she finds a good book, she won't look up until she has finished it...but if it's a so-so book, she won't make time to read (like her father).