Monday, August 26, 2013

Day in the Life 2013 ~2014

I think this may very well be my favorite post of this linkup.  I am always trying to do better with time and reading everyone's posts always inspires me to be better with my time.

6:30am - I have never in my entire life been an early bird, but last November my husband had emergency surgery and he is an early bird.  We got in a routine of having coffee together early in the morning and talking about our day and that has held ever since.  Jason is up at 4am, does yoga and plays guitar and gets all ready for work, then he wakes me up and we sit and have a cup together and talk about our plans for the day before he leaves for work.  In so many ways this just starts my day off right and now I wouldn't dream of missing it.

7am - I would love to say I always go for a run or do yoga and many days I do, but sometimes I get sucked into reading emails or blogs or pinterest and then my kids get up and I am trying to find time for yoga or a run all day.

8am-8:30am shower, get dressed, tidy up.
My girls are getting up around now, eating their breakfast and making their beds, too.

8:30am - 9am - we watch CNN Student News together while I have my second cup of coffee and the girls eat their breakfast.  We usually end up discussing some things and/or looking up things online to get more information.

9:00am - we review our Latin roots, maybe learn a new root; we may play a game like Division War or Geography Bee

9:15am - we go over our plans for the day.  I'll talk to the girls about what they are working on, what they think they should do next, where we can get more information, what materials they need, etc.  The two constants that I "assign" are math and Spanish, both of which we are using software for this year, the girls know that they have to get these done at some point during the day.  On days I work, I might assign a couple of pages in a Critical Thinking workbook; my girls LOVE Mind Benders and Mind Twisters and those kinds of things and usually do more pages then I ask them to do.

9:15am - noon - The girls are working on their own things, I might be helping one of them with something or doing a project around the house.  If my dinner plans allow, I might be getting the part of our meal I can prep ahead done or running errands (my girls are 11 & 13).  If I didn't run or practice yoga, I might try to get that in now.

noon - we eat lunch together and talk about our morning, what the girls accomplished, if they have anything left to do and how they will spend the afternoon.

Monday - I go to work at 1pm and the girls will go to my mom's to learn to cook family recipes (they are also going to be taking photos and typing up recipes for a family cookbook project on Shutterfly)!  Or sew.  Or learning to build and solder and things like that with my dad.
Allie sewed this wallet on her own two years ago.

Tuesday - I run two programs at the library and the girls have volunteered to assist me with those programs.  After that, I will work at the reference desk and they will work on some Critical Thinking workbooks.

Wednesday - we are free until 4:30, we plan to use that time to work on more of the projects the girls want to work on.  Allie is volunteering at a local no-kill animal shelter and Piper goes to choir at 4:30 and I have 2.5 hours with one of my best friends!!

Thursday - our one completely free day!!  Our homeschool group tends to do a lot of meetups and field trips on Thursdays and we plan to be part of the ones that interest us.  We also have a pass for a pottery studio that we may use on Thursdays.

Friday - we have co-op from 10-2pm and then usually an orthodontist appointment or we end up hanging out with friends.

Saturday - I work two Saturdays a month.  Both girls will be attending art classes on Saturday mornings.  We may also use the pottery passes on Saturday afternoons.
Piper drew this when she was 9.

Sunday - we guard this day for family and rest.

5pm - I get home from work at 5pm on Monday and Tuesday, we are normally home from field trips or hanging out with friends by 5pm on Thursday and Friday.  I will start dinner, the girls will tidy up and usually end up in the art studio.

5:45 - Jason is home from work, we have a beer.  The girls come in and show Jason whatever they worked on that day or what they are doing in the art studio.

6pm - we eat dinner together.

6:30pm - we sit around after dinner talking.

7:30pm - one of the girls does the dishes.  I often go for a walk or bike ride with Jason and/or one of the girls.

8pm - I start getting ready for bed.  We allow the girls an hour of television if they want.  Jason will sometimes play guitar.

8:30pm - I am in bed with a book, inevitably one or both girls comes in to talk to me about something on their mind and we may end up talking until 11pm!

9pm - Jason is in bed, the girls and I are either talking or reading.

10-10:30pm - lights out!