Wednesday, August 7, 2013


One of my girls' biggest concerns when we first considered homeschooling was that they wouldn't have friends.

I am not going to lie.  It was challenging.  At first we kept in touch with their public school friends, but they grew apart.

We spent the first two years attending as many park days, homeschool museum classes, field trips, homeschool soccer and anything else we could find in an attempt to meet as many homeschool families as possible in an effort to find a nice core group of friends.  It wasn't like school where you just walk in and there are kids in your kids' general age range.

Finally, last year we hit our stride.  We found our core group, a nice group of kids that are Allie's age.  They email, they Facetime, they hang out, they have inside jokes...and you can see in this video, they are really silly and crazy and fun!  This weekend we were all at a party and Allie filmed her video for this week's 7 Cool Homeschoolers theme of Friends.

 We are fortunate that our neighbors homeschool their two girls.  Our girls are inseparable all weekend and several days during the week.  They have had some ups and downs and learned a lot along the way...and always ended up realizing their friendship was worth working for.  You can see the chemistry Piper has with Chloe in this video.