Friday, August 9, 2013

FREE ebook: Growing Up Online

A while ago, I was contacted to review a book entitled Growing Up Online, which is part of the ebook series from The More You Know, a series of books published by NBCUniversal in conjunction with several big name celebrities.

It is estimated that 52% of children have access to a mobile device, with that access comes a level of responsibility.  This book and this series seeks to provide parents with the information necessary to help their kids navigate the world of technology and social media.  We hear all the time how many of the jobs our children will hold have not been invented yet and how it is important for our kids to be technology and social media-savvy.  Our children are the first generation of kids who literally have the world at their fingertips and it can be scary, it can be daunting.  But NBC has teamed up with CommonSense Media (I consult this website when my girls want to read YA books that I know little about to decide if the book is appropriate for them or not) and NetSmartz Workshop.

This book is designed in a way to encourage parents to talk with their kids about issues such as smart posting, cyber bullying and how much information to give.  This book had information on tracking your children's internet activity and parental controls, as well as digital citizenship. I found this book to be informative and to bring up topics that I had not even thought of before.

This ebook is completely free in an effort to make sure as many families as possible can benefit from the information.  The format is so easy to navigate--you can select a topic that interests you on the left and read about that topic.  There are discussion points to address with your kids.  Every parent should read this book!  We have a responsibility to our kids to make sure they understand the vast world of the internet and how it can bring out the best and the worst in humanity!