Monday, September 23, 2013

For Kids Who Love Animals...

Allie loves animals.  She always has.  As a small child, she collected books about animals, begged for a subscription to Zoobooks and other animal magazines and memorized all kinds of facts about animals.  I was never sure if this was just a normal childhood love of animals or something more.

In the last year it seems to have become something more.  First, Allie adopted goldfish and then a Betta fish. Then she adopted two gerbils and then when her sister's hamsters got territorial, she took one of the hamsters and nursed it back to health after a fight.

She was hoping to volunteer at a local animal shelter or veterinary office, but in our area insurance prohibits volunteers under a certain age due to the possibility of getting bitten among other things.  So, for right now Allie is participating in our local 4-H and participating in several on-line veterinary and animal forums.

We are trying to convince Jason to let us foster a dog and help it find a good home.  Jason's worried that we will all get attached and he is concerned about Allie and my allergies--we've been on homeopathic drops for several months and it seems to be helping and our symptoms are less severe, but we have not tested them by living with an animal. 

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