Sunday, April 13, 2014


My husband is passionate about trees.

He believes that trees make the world a better place.

They produce oxygen, provide shade, prevent erosion, provide homes for animals.

At night, when we sit on our deck, my husband often talks about how not that long ago a squirrel could just jump from tree to tree and go several miles that way.

Jason likes to imagine what the world looked like before it became so developed.

Several years ago, Jason set the goal of planting 1000 trees in his lifetime.

It seemed quite lofty at the time.

I wasn't quite sure how he would pull it off.

This weekend Jason exceeded that goal of planting 1000 trees in his lifetime.

We've planted trees at our home and given trees to people as gifts.

Jason's planted trees at work and at the girls' school (when they were in school).

Jason volunteers on our town's Shade Tree Commission.

Last year, Jason procured 75 trees from a grant program and the Girl Scouts and our homeschool group planted them in a local park.

This year, Jason procured over 900 saplings from a state program to help replace trees that were lost as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Jason, the girls and I and several members of the Shade Tree Commission handed these small saplings out events in and around our town this weekend.

Jason educated people on the importance of planting trees and how to properly plant and care for a small sapling or a larger tree.

We had several varieties of trees from silky dogwoods, which are a shrub to different kinds of oak trees that will grow quite large.

Jason and the other members of the Shade Tree Commission helped people pick which kind of tree or trees were right for their property.

Between these two projects and various other projects Jason has been involved in, plus all of the trees he has planted on our property, he has far exceeded planting 1000 trees in his lifetime.

So, now he is working on a new goal.

He would like to see more and more trees planted.

He knows it will never be wooded again, the way it was before the area became so developed, but if he can convince people to plant more trees, he will feel he has left the world a better place.