Thursday, May 13, 2010

Emerging Authors

I am a voracious reader.  I love to read.  There is nothing more decadent or luxurious to me than whiling away an afternoon, or evening or even a whole day-in bed, on my hammock, in the Jacuzzi- with a good book.  I get so absorbed and I love it!

Not surprisingly, I work at my dream job--the public library!  Where, in addition to many other tasks, I get a say in ordering and get to read new releases first!  And of course, you can't beat an advanced-reader copy!

I read mainly fiction.  Women's fiction, chick lit, romance.... I have several favorite authors.  And sometimes, I miss them, I want to spend time with them again.  Does that sound nuts?  Anyway, that is when I pore over their websites and their blogs, looking for a promise of a new release.

You see, I have read everything by all of my favorites: Jodi Picoult, Anita Shreve, Luanne Rice, Elizabeth Berg...just to name a few...

I was starting to feel a little down-hearted and trying to find something with a natural voice - that is critical to me, I hate a contrived voice - that would catch my interest.

One of my friends - she is also a co-worker - encouraged me to look at the "Emerging Readers" section on the website...and whammo!  I have found so many authors, so many books...

I have read get lucky by Katherine Center and Small Change by Sheila Roberts and Balancing Acts by Zoe Fishman, all because I found them on the awesome Target "Emerging Authors" list!

If you are a reader and looking for something to catch your eye, I highly recommend the Target Emerging Authors list!