Friday, June 11, 2010


The other day, A got an award at school for logging in so many hours of reading this school year!  She was one of only three kids that reached this level and no one reached higher!  She was really very proud of herself for being recognized for this accomplishment!  All year, for every 15 minutes A read, we entered the title of the book, the date and the pages read on a log.  In the past, they counted how many books, but recognizing that some kids are reading lengthier books, that didn't seem so fair, so now they do it this way and everyone is encouraged to read.

And today P got an award for her reading accomplishments as well!  Her school does things a bit differently.  Every month, a goal was set and every month P met or exceeded the goal!  She was one of only a few kids to get this award!

I am so very proud of my girls!