Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Woes of a MOM

Ok, well, this is the good, the bad and the ugly, right?  I get to vent about the trials and tribulations of being an average American family, right?

I have a cold.  A bad cold.  I also have seasonal allergies on top of the cold.  I take claritin for allergies, but I am still congested, sore throat, run down, lethargic.  I dragged myself to work yesterday and to an all-day conference in a frigid meeting room(something wrong with the ac so the room was 53 degrees!) .

Today is P's dance recital and I am very excited and I want to make a big thing for her.  Make it happy, a celebration.

But I feel like death.

Jason is judging a competition and won't be home until literally it is time to walk out the door to the recital!

My parents and grandmother are coming and I promised them dinner.  I even had fun picking out the menu and I bought all of the ingredients.

But my house is a train wreck and I have zero energy to clean it.  I am working through a fog here and just want to go back to bed!

To top it off, Jason is concerned that I have been asleep the last two nights when he got home.  I don't want to cause him any more concern, so I really need to get myself together.


That's my I've gotta go fold some laundry, enlist the girls' help in putting it away, clean bathrooms, enlist the girls' help with dusting, vacuum, make macaroon topped brownies and blanch veggies for pasta primavera...make crostini...make sure P's costume is ready and hair is done and take tons of fabulous pictures!  Thankfully my girls are great helpers!