Friday, June 4, 2010

Learning @ the Library!

I kept the girls home from school today.  Mostly because of the heat and P has very bad allergies and is wheezing and coughing probably a result of the heat, ozone and whatever evil lurks in the ducts of her school.  Today is also the Middle School Band and Chorus trip to Dorney Park, so about half of A's class will not be in class.  Unfortunately for A, the three clubs she joined (Drama, Pottery and Environmental) don't have a cool trip.  And her teachers said they would be watching movies and doing "fun stuff". 

I figured the girls would learn more coming to work with me and so they are coming to work with me.  Where they will help check books in and out, help me find books for the holds lists, help me answer computer related questions and research related questions.  Also, we have their old Pre-school coming in for a library scavenger hunt, which they will help their Bff and my friend and co-worker by each reading a story to the pre-schoolers. 

And after all of that, to reward them for their hard work, we will go to Dunkin Donuts for our free donuts!!!!  Yes, it's Free Donut Day, as long as you buy a beverage!

I spent some time last night perusing several local homeschool hangout websites and contacted the groups to see if they will meeting over the summer.  As Jessica suggested, it would be good for all of us to meet some other homeschoolers and give the girls a chance to make some new friends and give me a chance to ask questions and get some local support!