Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ten Things About Me

I have seen others do this and I really enjoyed reading it and learning about them.

1.  I am a voracious reader.  I joke that I live to read.  When there is a storm, other people head to the store for bread and milk and I head to the library or Barnes & Noble for more books.  I get anxious when I don't have a TBR pile.

2.  I hate cell phones.  I am the only person under seventy that feels this way.  I am the last hold out that has one for emergency purposes only.  Despite my blog obsession, I don't text and will never get internet for my phone.  When I am not home, I am busy doing something and don't wish to be interrupted.  I find it annoying when I am shopping or driving or out to lunch and get a phone call.  I find it rude when I am with someone and they get a call or text and respond.

3.  I love Bruce Springsteen.  I am a huge fan.  I have seen him countless times live.  The fact that for most of my life he has lived a half hour away from me gives me a tremendous sense of comfort.  I know several of his relatives.  My husband and many of my friends have met or seen him many times on the street, on the beach, in the store; I never have and have no desire to; I would probably pass out or do something dumb and to me, the best gift I could give him is to just treat him like any other person.  It would sound odd to a non-fan to hear me describe what his music means to me, but it is about honor and integrity and life and people that I know, my family and of course, a place I know well.

4.   I believe in the power of prayer.  I believe that the biggest, greatest gift that I can give my children is faith in something larger than themselves.  There are many times and incidences when I know I have no control over things and there is nothing that I can do but pray.  I may not always be there to help my children through something, but I firmly believe that a good relationship with God will get them through.

5.  My children and I have been volunteering to share meals with homeless families at our church since my children were babies.  They play with the other children and realize that the other children are just like them, there but for the grace of God...

6.  I like to laugh and I like people who make me laugh.

7.  My biggest pet peeve is competitive materialistic people.  I don't care what kind of SUVor big screen TV or whatever someone has...  I am much more interested in people that think for themselves and come up with their own interests and desires.

8.  My family is the most important thing to me.  They are my favorite people in the world and I love being with them.

9. I took a lot of women's studies classes in college and never thought that I would have a man support me, but after getting married and having a family, I find that taking care of my family is the most satisfying, rewarding, fulfilling job that I have ever known.  I love to cook and decorate and create a home for my family.

10.  I want to live more in the moment.  I am committing myself, making a resolution to live more in the moment.  I also want to simplify my life.  And I want to find more time for the things that really matter and more time to spend with the people I love.