Sunday, October 17, 2010

Twentieth Reunion

This weekend was my twentieth high school reunion.

On Friday evening, there was an event at a neighborhood restaurant.  I was a nervous wreck driving there.  Some of the old high school angst came rushing back.... I was very grateful that KOJ and I had made plans to meet in the parking lot and walk in together.

I needn't have worried.  When anyone walked up, everyone was ecstatic to see them, embraced them and started talking.  If they were on facebook, they had an idea of what others were up to; if not, there were the usual "What have you been up to?" questions, followed by "It's so great to see you!"
The thing that struck me was how natural it felt to be with these people.  It was seamless.  It was as if we had all seen each other just last week.  Some of these people I had not seen in twenty years, others in about 15 years.  The conversation is just sort of "no holds barred"...we know how stupid we all were when we were kids; we all know all of the dumb, embarrassing things each of us did. 

Everyone was very supportive and interested in the homeschooling.  I was concerned about my girls never having something like this to be part of, but these people convinced me that they would find it in other ways. Many of these wonderful friends had awesome words of encouragement, which I really appreciated.

I am so blessed to have such fun, funny, supportive friends.

I love how we revert back to our goofy, immature high school humor when we are together.  Where else can you do that?  I love finding out what the boys called the girls when they were alone.  I love hearing who had a crush on who.  I love the nostalgia.  I love reminiscing about teachers and class trips.  And I love hearing how these people are doing today.  I find it so comforting that we share so many of the same values, morals, ideas and ideals.  We may be different, we may have had different experiences and live different lifestyles now, but there is something that helped shape us into who we are today, and that we will always have in common.

We had so much fun, in fact, that KOJ and I have already been talking about planning a 25th reunion!