Sunday, November 28, 2010

Much To Be Thankful For

We have much to be thankful for: family, love, work, good health, Jason's stepfather's renewed health and a wonderful holiday and weekend.

Inspired by various blogs, our family began a new holiday tradition this year.  Every evening as we sat down to dinner, we took a slip of paper and wrote something that we were thankful for.

On Thanksgiving morning, we indulged in our age-old family tradition of making and eating sticky buns while we watch the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This year, as we enjoyed the sticky buns (using a recipe that my mother-in-law made every holiday morning when Jason was a boy), we also took turns pulling papers out of the pitcher and reading what each other was grateful for.  It was so nice to hear what our children are thankful for and know that they have an understanding of gratitude.  It was also nice to take the opportunity to express gratitude for each other and other family members, work and opportunities, friends...


We spent the day at my parents' house with my parents, Aunt, Uncle and Grandmother.

It was a wonderful time, as usual.  We stayed away from politics, which is where my family often gets heated.  Homeschooling was a topic of conversation and I am so, so thankful for my family's support.  I love my family so much.  I am so, so blessed to have you all in my life!

I finished my Christmas shopping on Friday--yay!  Crowds put me in a bad mood, so I always try to be done before the beginning of December.  Now I can relax and start baking and crafting and all of that fun stuff!

Friday evening, my parents watched the girls and Jason and I met some of my high school friends for drinks.  A lot of friends who live in different states were in town for the holiday, so it was a different crowd than those that usually attend these things.  It was awesome to see some of these people that I had not seen in twenty years!  Jason made some new friends and ran in to a few old friends too.  I was shocked and pleased at how many of my friends are actually reading my blog (I've shared on facebook).  Once again, I was blown away by the support of friends who are teachers, friends who were teachers and stopped teaching and got different jobs because they do not believe in what is going on in education right now and friends who have made documentary films on education and seen from that angle, all that is wrong with our education system.  I was also touched that some friends are considering homeschooling, and I can not say it enough: I will be there for you, anything I can do!!  I really mean it!

We spent the rest of the weekend decorating for Christmas, going out to dinner, getting pictures for our Christmas cards, watching movies, and spending time together as a family.  I love weekends like that.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?