Monday, December 13, 2010

First Knitting & Crocheting Projects

Deb at Not Inadequate hosts a Just Finish Something Already Blog Hop
which I think helped me get off my butt and out of my rut 
and finish some projects that I had been working on for

I started this needlepoint pillow when A was in KINDERGARTEN!
I finished it two weeks ago!
The girls and I bought the backing.
And now my {wonderful, awesome, spectacular} mom
is turning it into a pillow for my living room!!
{I LOVE my mom <3}

When A was in SECOND GRADE,
my mom and I took a knitting class together.
The project for the beginner class was a 
doll sweater.
We made sweaters for the girls' American Girl dolls.
Then I began this scarf.
But I REALLY wanted to finish that pillow.
So~once I finished the pillow...
I set about finishing the scarf...
several holiday movies later...
I know there are mistakes and I twisted my thread in spots, but
it's my very first knitting project that I began and completed all on my own.
I am proud of it.

because I enjoyed knitting so, so much
and I was looking for a knitting project
and instead came across a crocheting project that I really want to make,
my {wonderful, awesome, spectacular} mom
taught me how to crochet.

And I made this washcloth

I love knitting and crocheting
it is so relaxing and cathartic and therapeutic.
I've always LOVED the different colors and textures of yarn--now I have a real reason to buy some!!
I CAN NOT wait to start this project!

At the same time, A completed this hook-rug for her room

So, Go US!
Yay US!
We ROCK!!!

It feels so good to get stuff like this done!!

So, Just Finish Something Already and join Deb's Blog Hop!!

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