Saturday, January 15, 2011


I am very close with my parents.  Prior to making the decision to bringing my girls home to learn, I had discussed the idea of homeschooling with my parents many, many times.  They were not on board with it.  They thought my kids would have no friends, I would be stressed and we would all be miserable.  They said it was a dumb idea and that my kids would hate me.  They thought all homeschool kids were weird and unsocialized.  They always talked me out of homeschooling.

My parents are wonderful people and even though they were not on board with homeschooling, they supported my decision once I made it.  My mom takes the girls every Thursday for sewing lessons and my dad likes to say that he is the superintendent of our school.  We have him scheduled to teach the girls soldering and some other jewelry making techniques when they get a little older.

Several times over the last few months I asked my parents if they saw any difference in the girls and they always said, "Nope, not at all."

The other day my mom stopped by to return something she had borrowed.  P was excited to show my mom the American Girl doll house that she made in her bedroom.  'This is their kitchen, this is the table I made..." P lead my mom through the maze in her room that represents the America Girl doll's home.  "This is a magazine I made for them (the magazine looks very real), this is a computer from our dollhouse, but we pretend it's a blackberry for the dolls, this is..." P showed my mom all of the things that she has meticulously created over the last few weeks for her dolls.

While my mom was in P's room, the subject of a book my mom just read came up and she told us about it.  A jumped in to discuss Pies and Prejudice, the book that she is reading.  She detailed the characters and the plot and what was interesting to her.  She ran and got her journal, in which she had copied some of her favorite scenes from the book.

Today, when I spoke with my mom, she said, "You know how you keep asking if I see a difference in them now that you are homeschooling?"

"Uh huh, " I said, cautiously optimistic.  How could she deny it?

"Well," she said.  "I was just telling Daddy how P took so much time and care and attention to detail with that American Girl house.  I can't believe she made some of those things.  That little stinker, she's so creative!

And A, I just loved how enthusiastic she was about that book.  And how confident she was in telling me about it, she never would have been like that when she was in school.  Reading seemed like a drudgery to her.  But she really seems to be enjoying this book and the characters, she seems to really relate to them."

I heaved a sigh of relief and thankfulness.
Both Jason & I had to work today,
so the girls came to work with me - which they love, since everyone dotes on them!
A put this outfit together.
She actually told me that she would feel funny dressing like this for school
because nobody dresses like this,
but she likes it.
She made the skirt herself, with help from my mom!