Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not Planning

It is so my nature to plan, plan, plan...and tonight I find myself doing my usual Sunday routine: looking through our books and making a list of what I want to accomplish...but I really want to see where this goes...where will we find ourselves if there is no list, just some ideas.

I spent part of today, as I usually spend Sundays, looking over the things I want to do, coming up with ideas for what I will say and how I will approach each topic.  But I crumpled the list of what I want to do when, how much I want to accomplish each day...we will see where we get...we will see how fast or how slow they pick up on a much time they need to really sink their teeth into an much we end up exploring and which directions our exploration takes...

My ideas for the week:

  • I definitely want to do something for MLK Day.
  • The girls will do Math every day.
  • Our reading comprehension workbook continues with fables.
  • The next exercise in our writing curriculum is compare/contrast and I think in addition to some of the activities in the book, we will focus on comparing and contrasting fables & fairy tales.
  • We will also get back to Story of the World, with Chapter 11.  I know the girls will be excited to get back to the Egyptians.  I am excited to read about Moses this week, as that has always been one of my favorite Bible stories.
  • We'll make the Death Masks and the Red Sea Diorama (both in Story of the World)
  • We'll select some experiments in our science kits
I am excited for this week to begin, just to see where it takes us!