Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am half Italian.
My mother is full blooded Italian.
To us,
food is very important.

Jason always recalls the first time my parents invited him to stay for dinner.
It was our third date,
a Sunday,
and we had gone out to lunch and shopping.
We came home and my mom was making 
chicken cacciatore.
She asked Jason to stay...
and he will say that he never ate so well in his life.

Sauce (marinara, without meat) 
and gravy (sauce but with meat)
are things that I contend,
many Italians
would say no one makes like their mother.
If you are Italian, no one makes sauce or gravy as good as your mother.

Jason LOVES to cook.
It's one of his hobbies.
A few weeks ago, we were out and about 
and I needed to go to the supermarket.
Jason decided to buy the tomatoes 
that my family swears by for sauce.

He was very excited to attempt it.

The other day,
when my mom stopped over,
I was making chicken parmigiana
and really needed some more marinara
(what I had frozen was not enough).

The stars were aligned,
Jason walked in from work when my mom was still there
and I asked him if he felt like making sauce.
He grinned from ear to ear
(did I mention how much I love him?)

It worked out perfectly because my mom was there to show him what to do.
Not just tell him.
There is no recipe for sauce.
It is all about eyeballing...
how much olive oil...
how many onions...
how much garlic...


Now that you have seen the photos, of what it's supposed to end up looking like...
if you would like to try the recipe...it's here.