Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Weekend

The girls are still getting over their colds, so we decided to cancel plans this weekend and stay home and chillax.  Even though the girls ended up outside with the neighborhood children most of the weekend, it was better than being indoors with tons of people and more germs when their systems were already weakened.

The hubs and I spent Saturday morning drinking our specialty coffee and chatting.  This has been a habit of ours since our dating days.  Coffee Conversations we call it.  We sit and drink coffee for oh say, three hours and talk about everything under the sun: family, vacation, work, schooling, home improvements....

We also planned P's Birthday party for next weekend.  I know, better late than never.  It just occurred to me that it was the end of February and I better get on it.  We are doing a brunch.  I like brunch and we don't have brunch often enough.  It's a great way to entertain.  Everyone comes over mid-morning, eats, then picks at food, then leaves mid-afternoon.  You get to clean up and take a nap and eat leftovers for dinner.  My kind of entertaining.

 The hubs made sourdough bread.  Which was amazing. After enjoying several slices, he then spent time photographing the bread and poring over his photography books to get the shots he was looking for.  I have not edited these photos.  Some day, I will start editing the photos and putting watermarks in.  I always intend to, but am more itching to write than play in photoshop.
Several weeks ago, more than likely in one of our Saturday morning coffee conversations, I had lamented my issues with finding a science curriculum.  I really wanted to wait until I go to the Homeschool Expo in Philadelphia in May or the one nearby in June to find a science curriculum.  But...what to do in the interim?  I'd enjoyed the science kits (Chemistry, Mind Blowing Science and Spa Science) but was at an impasse.  The hubs immediately thought of his erector set from when he was a kid, which is in a box in the basement.  We searched the library consortium for physics books for kids and the hubby spent the last few weeks coming up with his own little physics program.
This weekend he taught the girls about sound.  How sound travels.  He taught them the difference between amplitude and frequency; they discussed decibels; they learned about tone.  To my utter shock, the girls remembered the speed of sound is 1100 decibels per second  and 2700 in water.  So sound travels faster in water.  Then, they did this awesome experiment!  Take a piece of string about 18 inches long.  Tie a loop in each end. Loop around a fork or a spoon.  Hold the two ends up to your ears and have someone tap the fork.  WOW.  Completely different tone when the sound travels up the string.
The girls also had fun dressing up poor Oliver, who is such a good sport.  Then, the hubs gave them a little photography lesson about lighting and f stops and aperture and such and let them have at it with a camera.

The girls and I have been studying the Ancient Greeks.  Everything from architecture to Zeus.  We are really enjoying it.  If you have been around here for a bit, you also know that the hubs and I LOVE to cook and cooking dishes in the vein of the area we are studying just enhances the whole experience for us.  On Sunday night, the hubs made spanakopita.  I made a Greek salad (but hey, I was planning & grading all day).  We also got some stuffed grape leaves for the girls to sample.  Silly girls didn't like them.  Oh well, more for Jason & I!

It was also decided that I am nuts, certifiably insanc taking this whole Greek thing a bit too far!  And now, since I published the evidence on my blog, you all know that I have really lost my mind and don't really care! lol

So, that was our weekend.
How was your weekend?
What did you do????