Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have been practicing yoga for almost nine years.

I love it.

Yoga, for me, is the thing that I want to shout about from rooftops.  I felt like I found the key to the universe when I started practicing.  I was calmer,  I was more centered, I felt like I breathed deeper and stayed more focused.  Even now, when I go for a few days or weeks without practicing, when I get back to it...I feel so amazing that I just want to tell everyone, "You have to try this!"

A couple of years ago, I got my husband into it and he is probably more into it than I am.  Mainly because he wakes so super early and does yoga in the pre-dawn hours before the rest of us are awake.  Also because he is waaaaaay more daring than I am and will do headstands and attempt putting his knees on top of his elbows to support his whole body in frog pose.

I am not that daring.

At different times I have taken yoga classes at different studios and that can be awesome if you find a great studio.  It is really nice if you are a novice to have someone make sure that you are doing things correctly.

But now, for me, it's one more thing I need to schedule in my day which is already scheduled to the max.  So I prefer to practice at home.

Over the years, we have accumulated many, many yoga DVDs.

But in the last year, Jason actually discovered yogatoday.  I can not say enough awesome things about yogatoday.  We started by watching the free videos on youtube.  I really like Neesha, she is very spiritual.  Sarah gets you to really think about your physiology.  Adi can really give you a workout.  They each practice a different kind of yoga.  If your back feels tight, you can find a workout for your back.  If you really want a stretch, there is a workout for that.  If you need something to get you going in the morning or something to help you wind down at night.  If you have insomnia, there is a special practice for that.  Or if you are traveling.  Or if you want a good core workout.  There is even yoga you can do at your desk.

There are hour long sequences.  Or, if you have less time, ten or twenty minute sequences.

If you have never done yoga, there is a great novice workout:

After exhausting all of the free options on youtube, we subscribed for a year.  We get unlimited use of their entire collection and can download our favorites and burn them on a DVD for $2.99 each.

I like yogatoday better than a lot of other DVDs because a lot of other yoga DVDs are about a workout with little of the spiritual side.  The yogatoday instructors ask you to think about what your practice is about today, to dedicate your practice to something, they encourage you to release negative feelings and embrace positive things about yourself.

This is not a paid advertisement.
Yogatoday did not ask me to endorse them.
I would, however, be very happy to receive any kind of promotion they would want to send my way :)