Thursday, March 31, 2011

Evan Moore Literature and History Pockets

I mentioned that we were working through the Evan Moore Mythology Literature Pockets and Hen Jen at Home Is Where You Start From asked for some more information.

This was our first experience with Evan Moore Literature Pockets, I was turned on to them by my friend Karen at Homeschool Girls.

We were studying the Greeks and my girls are fascinated with mythology.  A had read some of Rick Riordan's books last summer and started to keep a Mythology notebook, which we added to during our study.  I knew my girls would enjoy really digging in to some of the myths.

The Mythology Literature Pockets contain 8 myths.  Each myth has a 2 page story and a page of vocabulary and comprehension questions.

Some have story flow charts or character webs, as well.  There are recommended discussion questions and a page of additional reading you can do if your child is really intrigued.  There are additional literacy activities, like poetry writing guides.

 Each myth has at least one craft, some have 2 or 3, that really help to cement the story.  For instance, when we learned about Arachne , the girls wove their own cloth using yarn and a piece of cardboard and they also spun their own spiderwebs using paper and yarn.  When we studied Phaeton and the Sun Chariot, they created a sun chariot from cardboard and tin foil, using the templates provided.
  When we studied Persephone and the Seasons, they made puppets and then on their own, they created backdrops for the puppets and spent HOURS acting out the myth and creating some myths of their own. When we learned about Pandora's Box, they used the template provided to make an urn and fill it with thoughts that are trapped inside.

We used long sheets of construction paper to make our pockets and when we complete all of them next week, each girl will have a book of myths and projects that they created as a keepsake of their journey through the world of mythology.

We will be using the Evan Moore Ancient Civilizations History Pockets when we begin our study of the Romans next week.

I can not thank Karen enough for turning me on to these fun projects.

I was not asked by Evan Moore to review
these products.
I am not making any money or getting any free products,
although I sure would not turn any down.