Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Random Weekend Post

1. Saturday afternoon A and I went to a jewelry making workshop--we had sooo much fun!!
I love one on one time with my girls :)
We bought a ton of supplies to make jewelry!

2.  After the workshop,
A & I
 went to the cutest little teahouse for tea and, yes, cucumber sandwiches!
I <3 having girls!!

A is at the age where is embarrassed that I take pictures EVERYWHERE of EVERYTHING.
I respected her wishes and controlled my urge to bring the camera Saturday afternoon.

3.  P has been devouring The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (her sister did the same a year or so ago!) 
so Saturday night we took the girls to see Rodrick Rules!  So funny!  We all loved it!
There are a lot of things for the parents (like Partridge Family fantasies!)

4.  We also have a new movie theater that serves food!  So cool!  We went for dinner and instead of loading up on popcorn and junk, the girls got grilled chicken sandwiches.  I got a grilled chicken Caesar Salad and Jason got a shrimp po' boy!  YUM!

5. On Friday the girls & I attended the
New Jersey Homeschool Art Show.
We got incredible inspiration.
I got a ton of ideas on including art in our day.
We all learned techniques.
The girls did some hands-on stuff.
I met a lot of great moms.
The girls made a few friends.
We learned about different homeschool groups & classes.
It was a GREAT day!
( I did not take pictures as I won't post photos of children who are not my own without their parents permission and this was a HUGE group of folks I don't know.)

6.  We have a new pastor at our church!
This is such a wonderful thing!
(Our beloved pastor moved on to a new challenge 3 years ago,
we are Presbyterian and in the Presbyterian church
there is an interim between pastors,
it helps you to not compare the new pastor with the beloved former pastor.
It also leaves you in a state of limbo).
Our new pastor delivered a wonderful, thought-provoking yet comforting sermon (those are the best!)

7. P called us to worship with the handbell choir.
She sang with the Children's Choir.

8.  After worship,
we sat with some of our friends
for an awesome Welcome Brunch.
We are blessed to have 2 chefs in our congregation--
the spread rivaled a Four Seasons Brunch spread!

9.  I spent Sunday afternoon reading this:

Dr. JJ is also reading it.
We are setting goals & will discuss via email, skype, phone...something...TBD
I love having a book buddy :)

10.  The hubs spent Sunday afternoon in his favorite way:
in the kitchen with the TV on (college b-ball).
He made Roman gnocchi.
It was pure coincidence,
but the girls & I are beginning our study of the Romans this week!

That about sums up our weekend.
How was yours?