Friday, April 1, 2011

About Me

1. My name is Theresa.
My oldest daughter A & I <3

2.  I am the mom of two pre-teen girls.
3.  I love being a mom.
4.  I am a librarian.
5.  I love books. 
6.  My idea of the perfect day is a day spent reading.
7.  My husband and I love gourmet cooking.  But we don't have the money to always go out to eat--so we have started having "date days"--we spend a weekend day in the kitchen, sharing a bottle of wine and whipping up fabulous things.
Here we are at Sardi's a few weeks ago, celebrating our younger daughter, P's birthday!

8.  My waistline suffers from the above hobby with my husband.
9.  I love yoga.  I feel better when I practice yoga.  I am calmer and more peaceful and relaxed when I practice yoga. I just never seem to make it a priority to practice yoga.
10.  So I am harried and stressed most of the time.
11.  I started blogging as a writing exercise.
12.  I love that blogging gives us a place to go to view our photos (since digital cameras we never print photos anymore and we never view the discs we eventually store all of the photos on).
13.  I have gotten more into photography because of blogging.
I LOVE my prime lens <3

14.  I like that my entire family can view this virtual dynamic scrapbook from anywhere anytime.
15.  I especially like that when my girls are older they can look at this blog and remember this time in their lives--and we don't have to make two copies!
16.  I love DIY home projects.
17.  I love decorating.
18.  I have a crazy, close family that I adore.  Most of the time.
19.  I like to entertain. Sometimes.
20.  My husband's parents were hippies.  It makes life interesting.

Things I Love:  being a mom, chocolate, avocados, real denim jeans, reading, yoga, down comforters & pillows, seared tuna, craft beer, pinot grigio, mojitos, mai tais, margaritas, pilates, clean air, simple things, White Tea & Ginger body spray from Bath + Bodyworks, funky jewelry, beaded jewelry, Italian pastries, staying organized, puppy breath, kittens bellies...
I also love J. Jill

Things I Dislike:  competitive people, materialistic people, stretch jeans, chicken or turkey on the bone, synthetic sweaters, polyester, big hair, vanilla, closed-minded people, negative energy, drama, liars, entitlement, people who try to turn me against other people, people who think the whole world should do what they want just because they want it that way, people who are mean to animals, being on a schedule, greasy food...

We homeschool our kids and we do post about it, but that does not really define us or this blog.  This blog is about everything from our opinions on things, to things that happen in our family, to recipes we love, to decorating projects, to how we spent the whatever we feel like writing about.

Stop by, leave a comment...I would love to check your blog out and get to know you!!  We always have room for more friends!!