Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Day in The Life

Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers recently posted photos she took throughout her day.  I loved reading it and getting that voyueristic peek into another family's daily life (this is one of the things I love about blogging!)

I am not even going to tell you what time I wake up.
I am not a morning person.
I will tell you though,
that I no longer wake up dreading the rushing and the mundane, boring tasks
my girls & I would do in the name of their schooling;
I no longer wish away their childhood.
I wake up happy and excited for the challenges and possibilities of a day spent with my girls,
learning and growing and experiencing the world.

I do start my day with reading something inspirational.
It gives me a place to rest my thoughts.
That may sound cliche, but it's true.
I think it helps keep me in check all day.

Some mornings we do all cuddle together in bed.
This means we get up even later.
As much as I LOVE cuddling in bed with the girls,
just being lazy & talking about our day...
we get a really, REALLY late start.

For this reason, I like to get up a few minutes before the girls.
The first thing I always do is check the blogs, email, etc.

P comes in like a little mouse
and climbs on the stool
and practices her keyboard.

Once we have woken up enough,
fortified ourselves,
steeled ourselves for the experience...
we wake up A...

I jest.
She is a bear in the morning.
when I think about how a year and a half ago 
her teachers had me convinced that there was something wrong 
because her reading level was below par...
and I wanted so badly to get her tested
to see if she had a reading disability...
and NOW my girl
is the kind of kid who
reads with a flashlight 
under the covers.
She reads a book a day.
She loves to read.
I can not keep up with her love of books.
I really can't be upset that she stays up late READING.

After we wake up A,
we have breakfast.
Frozen waffles for the girls
Special K with Red Berries & coffee for me.
I envy people who cook breakfast.
I don't have it in me 
to be creative in the kitchen that early.
(ok, I admit, I cheated slightly...the breakfast picture I took the first day came out really bad, so I took one the next day.)

This week and last week,
we started our days with yoga.
I loved it.
I think it will become part of the norm around here.

we get crack-a-lackin'
on the nitty gritty
the down & dirty...
readin', writin' and 'rithmatic...
Easy Grammar,
Daily Grams,
Writing with Ease <3.

After grammar, and reading,
the girls do daily grams and math on their own
and I get a shower :)

After that,
we have lunch.
I always eat a salad.
I have eaten a salad for lunch every day for the last 11 and a half years.
And I am not tired of them.
My girls will tell you
I <3 salad :)

After lunch,
the girls help with some chores
(like dishes and laundry)
then we do Science and/or History.

On the day I took these photos,
we were working on our awesome solar system kit :)

I took these photos on a Tuesday.
My girls go to choir & youth group on
Tuesday afternoon:)

And I go home and have a beer with this guy :)

So, that is our day in a nutshell.
We bloggers are a little voyueristic, ya know.
So if you would like to share your day in photos,
come back & let me know,
I would LOVE to take a peek ;-)