Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Here in Jersey,
we consider Memorial Day 
the official start of summer.

We definitely also remember the reason we celebrate this holiday.

We observed this holiday by doing one of our favorite things: spending time with family!

We enjoyed time with my
Aunt & Uncle 
on Saturday

The had brought some old family photos
which we had a great time looking through
and dividing up among the family members.
The girls enjoyed learning about their ancestors.

At one point, P asked to borrow the camera.
She took these photos of the geraniums on our deck.
She is becoming quite the little photographer, no?

Our menu
was all dishes that my
Italian grandmother
had made each summer
when she had a barbecue:
pork spedini
lemon chicken
warm potato & green bean salad
fresh tomatoes drizzled with olive oil & fresh basil
The girls were in charge of dessert,
they spent the last two weeks
poring through cookbooks and website
and decided on
chocolate fondue!
After dessert,
the girls entertained us
with a 6 act play that they had written
about two high school friends
who choose different paths in life.
We were all impressed at how they brought this play full circle.
P insisted on a Q & A afterwards,
to get our opinion on what was working
and what was not.
On Sunday,
I had a bit of a stomach bug.
I normally stay away from processed foods,
but when I am sick,
I allow myself two of my favorite things:
Crystal Light
Dry Ramen Noodles
I have got to hand it to the hubs.
He was a home improvement dynamo on Sunday.
He put in our organic garden.
He's been reading Square Foot Gardening
and they say it is ok to use seeds this time of year...
we shall see....
I was feeling a bit better on Monday,
we spent more time
looking at the old family photos.
We found plenty of time for glamour.
I tore our homeschool classroom apart-
since this was our first year homeschooling,
I waaaaaay overbought.
I am considering some giveaways on here!
At the end of the day,
the hubs and I enjoyed some Jamaican rum & pineapple juice!
So that was our Memorial Day Weekend.

How did you celebrate?