Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Blog?

I began blogging as a writing exercise.

It quickly became more of a dynamic virtual scrapbook.  A place where I could share our photos, our stories, our life with family and friends.  I suddenly had a place to post and share all of the photos I took, instead of just burning them to disc and forgetting about them.

I love the idea that my girls can one day look back at this blog and remember what was going on.  I try to put things in here about being a mom, how much I love them.  The things they are too young to understand now, but will someday understand.

This blog has been a place where we researched and contemplated homeschooling.  We were unhappy with our girls' experience in school, but we had those misconceptions about prairie skirted, unsocialized homeschoolers, but I encountered bloggers who were anything but prairie skirted and unsocialized!

Ultimately, it became the place where we chronicled our first year of homeschooling and became part of a community of bloggers who share so much of themselves.  Bloggers sometimes share in writing what they have a hard time saying face to face: about fear, about love, about dreams.

Now, I look at my blog as a place to chronicle our lives and share how homeschooling has enhanced our family life.  My hope is that my blog becomes a place where people contemplating homeschooling can realize that all families have their quirks and homeschool families are just like any other family.

Blogging has given me opportunities to write, which is something that I LOVE to do.  I have been given opportunities to write guest posts at other blogs.  I have been asked to write reviews for Technorati media.  I published an article with Technorati media on Mainstream Homeschoolers.  Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me.