Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Children of the Lake

Most of the houses on the lake have been in families for generations.

Grandparents all grew up together and remember playing on the lake as children.

Parents recall being teenagers on the lake.

Perhaps one of the biggest blessings of the lake, is that my children will have this.

My girls will grow up spending as much time as possible each summer on the lake.

In the not too distant future, they will be teenagers on the lake.  This may mean we will have to give up our midnight paddleboat rides :(  Or, maybe they will just take on a whole new meaning ;-)

Someday, I hope and pray, my girls will return to their lake with their children and a whole new generation will enjoy the magic of this very special place.

We have wonderful, fabulous, awesome friends that live a few houses down.  The parents and grandparents all grew up on the lake.  Now our children play together on the lake, someday they will all bring their children back to the lake and their children will all play together...while our children are the ones to stoke the fire until midnight and keep the coolers stocked with beer and ice :)

Until then....

They are Children of the Lake...

All of these girls are homeschooled :)
My girls were THRILLED to meet fellow homeschool girls at the lake :)

Our wonderful friends' GORGEOUS little girl :)

All but two of these kids are homeschooled...all of these children are friends :)

The homeschool girls :)

These children will all grow up together on the lake and then come back with their own children and  their grandchildren :)  Their lives will be intertwined and interwoven.  How truly blessed we are.