Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Bedroom

To be honest, I don't love our bedroom.
It used to be Wedgewood Blue and the quilt my mom made had worn and had some holes and I was going to replace it with a toile coverlet, when I got blindslided by black and white and was just all about black and white.  It was a spontaneous decision to go with a neutral beige and black and white.  I do like the red padded headboard that my mom and I made and I think it pops against the black, white and beige.  But...I would say I grew tired of this within a few months and now just don't feel it's right to change it just's only been a year or so since I did this...maybe next year...

There are some things that I do love about our bedroom...

This is over our bed.
I do love this.
I do think it's true :)

This is my dresser.
I have had it since I was a little girl.
I took it with me when I moved out of my parents' home.
Mostly because I loved it,
but also because my mom had painted over this wonderful detail on the desk and nightstand and I didn't want to take a chance that she would get the same idea with the dresser!

The dresser is a little chippy,
as was the nightstand and desk (which is why my mom painted them)
BUT I like the's an antique and it has character :)
I LOVE this dresser.
It is big and heavy and solid wood so the drawers stick in humidity.
My whole family has put in their 2 cents that we should get new furniture.
But I LOVE this dresser.
I LOVE the character.

When I re-did the bedroom, I wanted a padded headboard.
Jason and I both tend to lay in bed to read and watch TV and it's just more comfortable to have the padded headboard.  Since we made it, we can easily change the fabric when I re-decorate ;-)

I love this photo of our girls in their Chinese dresses from last Christmas.
The Wedgewood ring box I got in England when I was 13.
The pewter box my great-grandmother brought with her from Poland in 1908.

Jason gave me these on our very first Christmas together and promised to fill them up...which he has :)

I love this faded photo of my little family,
which sits in the corner of the mirror.
Looks Insta-grammed - but it's not, it's the natural fade of time...

This was my Naunie's jewelry box.
There was a little ballerina inside and a music box that you can wind, the ballerina would turn to the music.  The music still works.  Sadly, the ballerina came off her pedestal, but she still resides in a special place in the box.
When I was a little girl, when I would go to my Naunie's house, I would always want to see the ballerina :)

The bottle of perfume is the perfume that I wore on Jason and my first date, 19 years ago!
I have been through a few bottles of it ... I always wear it on date nights and it brings both of us right back to that first date!

I bought this stone for my mother-in-law when she was diagnosed with lung cancer.
She held it in her hand through her chemo treatments and when we visited her in the hospital, she always had it with her.  She was holding it when she passed away.  My father-in-law gave it back to me after she passed away.  
It has a strong sentimental, emotional value.

When my girls were really little, my mom took them shopping for a gift for me - my birthday or Mother's Day, I can't remember - and she asked them what they wanted to get me.  They said a treasure box, which my mom thought was...juvenile.  Except, when she saw what they had in mind, she understood.  They bought me this box and in it, we put playbills, school projects, cards and gifts that they make, things from our trips...We all love to pull it out and look through it.

I guess you could say that if the kitchen is the heart of the home, my bedroom is the 
sentimental epicenter of our home