Wednesday, July 6, 2011

These Are A Few of Our Favorite {Homeschool} Things

When we first started homeschooling I went a little nuts buying stuff.  Mostly because I had no idea what I would need.  I have so many things that went completely unused.  I plan to get it all together and make some giveaway baskets!

To read about the math programs we tried and the one we ultimately fell in love with, to hear how we've worked Copywork into our routine and other things we've found that worked for us, please click over to...Three Thinking Mothers...

For the first time ever, I am looking forward to the back-to-school sales.  I have a list of things we use often and need more of.
  1. Index Cards - we use these for vocabulary 
  2. Index Card boxes - to keep all those index cards organized! We like unpainted boxes from Michaels that the girls paint themselves :-)
  3. Binders - I prefer binders to notebooks, we can easily add a page
  4. Looseleaf paper - because we use binders
  5. Erasable pens - P is just learning cursive :-)

As far as a must-have supply, since we use binders, a three ring hole punch was by far my favorite homeschool supply purchase this year!

Let's learn from each other!
What are your must-have curriculum items?
What are your must-have school supplies?
Is there something - even a piece of furniture - that you have in your classroom that makes a big difference in your day?