Monday, September 26, 2011


The hubinator was sick this week.
He swears that every time he goes on an airplane he gets sick
even if he takes Airborne and Vitamin C, etc.
Something about that cabin air.
He was away on business last week and came home with a cold.

He was really sick all weekend.

He drank lots of this:

And spent lots of time like this:

And this:

I made him this.
Because that is the kind of wife I am.
We call it "Jewish penicillin" ;-)
I will posting my secret recipe soon ;-)

I love weekends like this.
Well, not where the hubby is sick, but where we all kind of hunker down and relax together.

I am a complete homebody.
Quiet weekends at home with the ones I love is my ideal spot.

I read this quote recently by one of my favorite authors, Marisa de los Santos: 
"I am an incorrigible homebody. I like my own pillow, my own imperfect showerhead, my coffee and pizza and bagel shops, my little rituals. I am quite old lady-ish about it. I like to write in—and only in—my radically unbeautiful office (I share it with guinea pigs). I like to drive my kids to swimming. At night, the moment when I shut my book, turn off my bedside table light, and know that everyone is sleeping under the same roof, our roof, is as close to a state of grace as I ever hope to come. I have always been this person." ~ Marisa de los Santos

That fits me to a T!

We spent the weekend reading, together as a family, all cuddled up while it rained outside.
I love days like that!
They are my perfect days!

P and I read The Hundred Dresses
Thanks, Suzette, for the recommendation!
We loved it!

We also watched some movies.
We watched Season of the Witch.
Don't make our mistake.
We thought since Nicholas Cage was in it that it would be like National Treasurer or Sorcerer's Apprentice.
It was rated PG-13 and we have let the girls watch the other movies.
But this was no PG-13 in my opinion.
It was gruesome and brutal and scary.
Our girls begged us to turn it off and ran from the room!

We also watched

which we all agreed was AWESOME!

And we watched a few episodes of

We have watched Christy before.
We always love it.
I am trying to figure out if A is ready for the book!

The girls and I spent a few hours Sunday afternoon with our good friends, celebrating Princess's birthday!

So, that was our weekend.
How was yours?