Sunday, October 23, 2011

Random Weekend Stuff

1.  The hubs was at a convention this weekend, he came home bearing gifts for the girls.

2.  We had nothing planned for dinner missed him so much, that we went out to dinner that night.  My girls are the height of fashion...going out to dinner is a production.  They are 9 & 11.  I can not imagine what our credit card bills prep time will be like when they are teens.

3.  I made butternut squash soup. It was amazing.

4.  I discovered a love of this.
Then I realized how many calories are in it.
It qualifies for dinner around here.

5.  On Sunday the hubinator and I went out to lunch and Christmas shopping.
I also wanted to get something new to wear for when I meet Mary from Homegrown Learners this week.  Seemed like a good excuse, yes?
Um, somehow no Christmas shopping was done, nor did I buy any clothes
(Mary, I will be wearing some old clothes when I meet you, don't look too closely ;-))
We ended up at Home Depot.
Um, as my husband said, I asked him to come!
We bought a tree.
It feels good to plant a tree.

6.  We also learned that the issue in our living room ceiling is something called
Apparently if your gutters are not cleaned out and ice accumulates,
it can push its way under your shingles
and cause damage :(
I am relieved that this means it is an isolated area and we do not need a whole new roof!
(We have 13 year old 35 year shingles).


8.  The stuff they use the prevent this ice damming feels like fruit roll-ups.

9.  I am hopeful that both the monster tree that is threatening to fall on my bedroom
the ice damaged shingles will be replaced next weekend.
*fingers crossed*

10.  I made this really cool wax leaf garland this weekend
and will be posting a tutorial on 

11. My new favorite beer.
I am having one as soon as I hit Publish!

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