Saturday, November 19, 2011

A's birthday

A turned 12!
Where did the time go?

The celebration lasted over a week!

A was awakened on her birthday by a phone call from one of her besties :)

Our plans for the day were to relax and play
and then have my parents over for A's request:
homemade pizza & Wii Family Fun!

But, on a whim,
and she and her lovely mama spent the day with us :)

Three kinds of homemade pizza :-)

A had requested THE BIG COOKIE 
We loaded slices with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup & maraschino cherries!

A had her eye on this necklace and P surprised her with it!

My brother and sister-in-law gave her an itunes gift card :)
She had a blast picking out apps and music!

Her godmom, Jason's cousin sent her an Amazon gift card
~perfect for a girl who LOVES to read!~
A had a blast being able to get ANYTHING she wanted!
Then was excited for it to arrive!

She ordered her favorite book
a car for her dollhouse.
My girls {still} love their dollhouses.

We alternate one big party with friends one year and 
a family outing of the birthday girl's choice the next year.
This year was family outing year.
I had thought a weekend in Boston...or Newport Rhode Island?
Perhaps Philadelphia?
But A - sweet girl that she is - wanted to be with my Uncle,
so she picked going to the
Metropolitan Museum of Art
with my Uncle :-)

Then we had dinner at my Aunt's apartment :-)

 There was Italian food...

There was cake...

There were more gifts...

 And a really COOL sunset :-)

...and in less than 365 days she will be a teenager!
How did this happen?