Thursday, November 10, 2011

I believe in you!

School was not A's thing.  The further we get away from it, the more I realize that it was just not the right environment for her learning style.  She needs time to explore and really dig into things; she needs time to feel her way.  She needs time to relax and unwind her mind.  She needs to feel confident about a new skill before moving on.  She wants to learn and understand things.

A loves history.  We read Story of the World Volume 1 last year and did many of the activities in the Activity Guide.  A few weeks ago, she asked if she could just read the book as a book.  Of course.  She read it cover to cover, like a novel.

She has read more than a hundred books this year.  She loves to read.  The Percy Jackson series and the Mother-Daughter Book Club series are among her favorite books.

She is currently reading Tolkien's The Hobbit.  She became interested in reading The Hobbit, after reading a segment in her writing curriculum.  Jason is THRILLED--he has been waiting for someone to discuss that book with!

I am thrilled with her writing program, Writing with Skill, by Susan Wise Bauer.  I see her blossoming with this program.  She thrives on the mix of quality classic literature and incremental skill building. There is no doubt in my mind that this program will prepare her for academic or professional writing.

Last week, she worked on adding descriptions to her writing.  This week, she wrote this paragraph, which I asked if I could share and she said that I could:

I was a prisoner with soldiers all around me, waiting for me to try to escape so they can whip and slaughter me.  I look up and there is the great Mountain Trina.  As we walk in, I see soldiers on either side of doors.  Big black doors with pie holes and if you look closely through the hole, you see prisoners crying and scared.  Some dressed in togas and some dressed in nothing but a rag covering their waist to their knees.  As we walk into a room lit with candles, in chairs there are men with whips in their hands and slays next to them.  I realized you didn't need a reason to go to prison, they just need more slaves.

I am SO proud of her!!!!!!!!!!

I believe in you, A!
I always have!
Love, Mom <3