Thursday, November 24, 2011


  1.  I am so thankful for the blogging community.  I have made some real true-blue friends through my blog.  Friends who call me on the phone or email me, listen to my frustration about this roof situation and share in my joy of homeschooling; friends who confide in me about situations in their lives and from that experience I have learned that our values and morals are similar and I can confide in them as well.  Blogging has made the world a little smaller by allowing people who may never otherwise have met to be friends.  What a blessing!

2. I am thankful for the relationship my girls have with my mom.  She has always been a very big part of their lives.  They now spend Mondays with her while I work.  She takes them to lunch and gives them sewing lessons.  They talk to her about a lot of things (even me).  They are learning their heritage, our family values, the kind of family they come from...priceless lessons in today's world.

3.  I am thankful to Home Depot for their no-hassle price protection policy.  We bought a new washing machine and before it was even delivered it went on a special Holiday Sale for a lower price - a quick call to Home Depot and they discounted the price for us!  It could not have been easier!

4. I am thankful that FINALLY! we got an answer on the roof!  We had several roofers come out when we thought that we needed to replace the roof and they were all honest (renewing our faith in humanity and business) and said that our roof was relatively new and in great shape.  But we had leaks!  They never got back to us on the leaks and it frustrated me to no end.  Finally, a good friend of mine gave me the number of a friend who is a roof repair specialist.  He explained that roofers and contractors don't like to get involved with leaks because they are hard to find and then you may not get it all at one time.  He also isolated the problem and we are confident in his ability to deal with it :)  I am so thankful to have an answer to this problem!

5.  I am thankful that my husband took a vacation day on Wednesday to help get ready for Thanksgiving.  It's always more fun when he is around.  Our family feels complete.  He loves to make bread and he tried a new recipe for Parker House rolls.  He cleans bathrooms like nobody's business and can rearrange the already-full refrigerator to make room for more stuff!

6.  I am thankful that my husband photocopied the necessary documents for his CEUs.  Jason has several certifications that require continuing education units.  Some update annually and some every three years.  He would completely wait until the last minute to update his CEUs, but it really is so much easier if we fill out the forms here and there and send them in.

7.  I am thankful to have a full house for Thanksgiving.  I love when our home is brimming with people and love.

8.  I am thankful for my mother-in-law's recipe for sticky buns, which we make every holiday morning: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving...sometimes even for birthdays or the first day of school or just because!