Friday, November 25, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - 12

In my life this week.... I got ready for Thanksgiving. We hosted at our home this year.  I love having a house full of people.

I also got a new washing machine!  I am so excited!  When we bought our first house in 1998, Jason picked our appliances and he picked a front-loader washing machine.  I despised the thing for almost 14 years.  It was an argument we had over and over...he wanted a front loader and I wanted a top loader.  Even though he did not do the laundry, he liked the less water and energy use of a front loader and the less wear and tear on clothes.  We got a High Efficiency Top Loader, it uses less water & energy than a front loader, also has features that are less wear & tear on clothes AND you can add that stray sock that you find AFTER the door locks because you can unlock the door!  Yippeee!

In our homeschool this week.... The girls attended a Magic Workshop, where they learned to perform three magic tricks.  They are both practicing and plan to entertain the fam for Thanksgiving!

They also worked on their play, which will be performed by ALL of our guests on Thanksgiving. I will be posting a video of the play soon!  

We also worked on some more History Pockets: Life in Plymouth Colony.  We also checked out the Scholastic: Life in Plimoth website that Susan at Learning ALL the Time told us about in her wonderful link-up: Favorite Resource of the Week!

Helpful homeschool tips or advice to share... having your children work on a project that family and friends can be involved in on a holiday is a great way to show what your children are learning!

I am inspired by... my friend Chrissy who is the most amazing mother.  She has risen to the challenge and task of motherhood with a grace that few possess.  She is truly an inspiration!  Love you, pierogi!

Places we are going and people we are seeing... the girls had sewing and choir, and then we spent the rest of the time with FAMILY - the most important social network!

My favorite thing this week was... spending time with family!

Things I am working on... maintaining a thankful attitude throughout the holiday season.

I'm reading.... No Apology by Mitt Romney.  I have the updated paperback version ;-)

A is re-re-reading Mother Daughter Book Club.

P is making her way through the Rebecca books in the American Girl series.

Jason just finished The Lightning Thief and is beginning 11/22/63 by Stephen King.

I'm cooking.... turkey, cranberry relish with jalapenos and lime, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted fennel and baby carrots, butternut squash risotto and Parker House rolls.  Well, Ok, Jason made the rolls!

I'm grateful for.... time spent with my family!

I'm praying for.... many more years with my family!

A photo, video or link to share...

This weekend I am looking forward to.... spending time with family from out of town  and getting the soffit vents done !  Also, a Beatles movie and pizza and Rock Band Night with our homeschool neighbors!