Friday, December 16, 2011

Favorite Resource & Photo Collage

Today I am posting a list of our FAVORITE HOLIDAY BOOKS over at
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Fun last weekend with our homeschool peeps;
Faraday Lectures at Rutgers;
Mama helping the girls sew Christmas presents;
Watching "The Help" with my mom :)
Art Class;
Making snowman ornaments from one of the holiday storybooks we read.
Baking Snickerdoodles.
On Wednesday evening, P grabbed my camera and went around snapping pictures.
She got a lot of great ones: these are of flowers A made from magazine pages.
Then she told me how she didn't realize how much she missed taking photos!

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Favorite Resource This Week

My favorite resource this week is the Faraday Lectures.
Michael Faraday was a British physicist in the mid-1800's.
He believed that if science was fun for kids more kids would like science
and he held Free Christmas Science Lectures at the Royal Institution.
Rutgers carries on the tradition by offering Free Christmas Science Lectures known as
The Faraday Lectures.
They are amazing.
We see sound waves.  seriously.

We see light rays.

We hypothesize that if smoke comes out of a round hole it will be round,

but if you make that hole square, will it be square?

There are awesome experiments set up in the lobby.

Rutgers is very cool in that they allow students the option of coming up with an experiment to "teach" at something like the Faraday Lectures in lieu of a final exam.
I always think application is better than rote memorization.

Some of our friends even got to stand on a bed of nails!
We learned that surface area is critical in this!

What was your favorite resource this week?