Monday, January 30, 2012

Date Weekend

My mom has started a monthly Cousins Sleepover.
A, P and their cousin all sleepover her house for the weekend.
They play, do crafts, cook & bake.
Eat donuts for breakfast & get spoiled.
They look forward to it every month.

This weekend was the January Cousins Sleepover.

I worked Saturday.
When I got home,
the Hubinator had cleaned the house :)

He dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen, caught up with laundry...

It was awesome!!
I am SO appreciative.

On the day after New Year's Day, I cleaned out my filing cabinet,
and got rid of manuals for toys & furniture & appliances we no longer own.
I discovered that our mattress was 15+ years old.
We had been perfectly content with it prior to that.
But now..we toss & turn all night and wake up achy.
Either it is psychological or we are getting OLD.

We spent Saturday afternoon shopping for a new mattress.
Memory foam....ahhhhmazing!
Improves circulation, aligns your spine...seems like the yogic choice ;-)

Then we headed out for Tapas.
I think tapas may be the best idea ever.
The Hubinator and I both love to cook, and we are adventurous cooks.
So, when we go out to eat, we like to order things that we have never tried...
tapas allows us to try MANY different things that we have never had.

We tried several beers that we had never had,
as well as a barley wine.

If seared tuna is on the can bet I am ordering it!
This was divine!
with quince and lime powder and a radish relish...mmmm..delish!

The mercado martini was 
SO light
& refreshing...
I dream of stopping in on a hot summer day to just enjoy one of these!

The South African selection was very interesting...bisteeya...very cinnamon-y...I am developing an appreciation for beef & cinnamon.

Truffled pork pizza
the sauce was excellent and highlighted, not undermined

We finished it off with a trio of creme with rosemary, one with lavendar and one with vanilla bean....all superb!

Then, because we are SO exciting,
we came home and watched The Hangover Part II
I painted my toenails
watched the polish dry ;-)

Then, Sunday morning,
the Hubinator
did some work for his online class.
While I finished reading a book
read some blogs.

Then we headed to my parent's house for Sunday dinner.

Where photography and cameras were discussed for hours.

Cousins Sleepover January 2012

We live a VERY exciting life.

What did you do this weekend?