Saturday, January 28, 2012

{Local} Blog Buddies :)

Lisa, me and Aurie :)

On Friday, I had the distinct pleasure to meet two of my blog buddies in person!

Lisa from Home to 4 Kiddos
Aurie from Our Good Family

We have all been readin each other's blogs for a while.
We realized that we all live near each other.
We have been trying and trying to plan this.
And FINALLY it all worked out last Friday.

Both of these women are EXCELLENT moms.

Aurie and Bella
They put their children first.
Lisa and the 4 Kiddos
And GENUINELY enjoy being with their children.

We met at a family fun kind of place
with an arcade
a game room
a beautiful carousel
and a 5 story mountain of fun!

Aurie's girls on the small carousel.

The kids all enjoyed themselves.

and got along well

It was so nice to Finally meet these women
whose words I have read so many times.
I know their stories.
They are the kind of bloggers that share the challenges as well as the triumphs,
they share their heartaches and their joy.
My favorite kind of bloggers ;-)

Since we all live near each other, I am sure this will be the first of many days spent together.
There are park days and Revolutionary War site visits planned in the near future.
We can't wait!