Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Great Week

Programs at the library were on a break last week,
but the girls still had sewing with my mom :)
I got home from work early and cleaned out their rooms.
I have to do this when they are not around.
I show no mercy...old stuff, broken stuff, stuff they no longer use...
it goes to the Goodwill or the garbage!

On Tuesday I worked late.
Jason picked the girls up at choir
and when I got home, they were playing Go Fish!
On Wednesday we used our microscope
to study cell biology
and the girls drew pictures of their observations.
On Thursday we studied germs and how our skin is covered with germs and bacteria.
We rubbed lotion on our hands,
then we spread sprinkles and glitter and some other things on the table 
and named each one a different bacteria.
We were amazed at how many stuck to our hands!
On Friday we met two blog buddies friends and their children at a 
Kids Fun Place.
The Hubinator and I had a date night Saturday.
This Mercado Martini was awesome...light & refreshing!
So was the seared yellowfin!
On Sunday we went to my mom's house to pick up the girls
(she watched them for an overnight)
and have Sunday dinner.
There was lots of photography talk.

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