Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Keepin' the Love Alive

My husband & I are so blessed.

We met young (21) and married young (24),
but we have grown together.

No, our marriage is not perfect.
We do have our differences.
My husband tends to be of the
act first, think later
I tend to

Sometimes it's hard for us to see the other's point of view.
But usually we balance each other.
And we have definitely learned from each other over the last two decades.

As we have grown up together,
we have grown together.
We both practice yoga,
we both enjoy photography,
we both love craft beer & fine wine,
and we both love to spend a weekend day cooking together.

Ok, so it wasn't fine wine and I didn't bother "setting the scene" but I did enjoy that bottle of wine ;-)

and my photo of the pistachio crushing didn't come out too bad...

We popped open that low-end, cheap, practically two buck chuck bottle of wine
which was very smooth and had a decent finish
we made green beans sauteed with garlic

and pistachio encrusted prime rib...

and we talked and joked and had a good time!

What hobbies or interests do you and your husband enjoy together?